American Applying Character Education to Build a Boarding School in Papua

Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy has an audience with the Indonesian American Society of Academics (IASA) on plans to build a boarding school in Papua. IASA is an Indonesian diaspora organization in America whose members consist of academics to professors.

Chairman of the Indonesian American Society of Academics (IASA), Edward Wanandi said, the American diaspora who joined IASA agreed to build a boarding school in Papua as a manifestation of diaspora’s contribution to the country. Two areas in Papua which will be the location for the construction of boarding schools by IASA namely Jayapura and Nabire.

“The education program for Papua will be divided into two schools, namely SMAN 3 in Jayapura and SMA Adi Luhur Foundation in Nabire. Apparently they are quite ready to accept the program that we will run, “said Edward Wanandi when bersaudiensi with Education Minister in the Office of Kemendikbud, Jakarta, Friday (13/4/2018).

He added that in addition to building boarding schools, IASA will also provide teacher training assistance in terms of teaching methods. “There are several new techniques we can give, such as new teaching methods. Please support from Kemendikbud as well, “he said.

In providing teacher training, IASA will adapt to the Curriculum 2013. The IASA team of 20 Indonesian professors in the United States has studied the Curriculum 2013 and is looking for appropriate adjustments to be applied in boarding schools in Papua.

“We provide a special addition to Papua. It would be more interesting if a lot of learning outside the classroom, so that the existence of students in the classroom can be reduced 4 to 5 hours a week, “said Edward. IASA will also work with school principals of teachers in Papua to design learning methods at boarding schools.

Responding to that, Education Minister Muhadjir Effendy expressed his support. He said, the method of learning outside the classroom in accordance with the program Strengthening Character Education (KDP) which became one of Kemendikbud’s priority programs. According to him, the paradigm that developed so far in society is that learning can only be done in the classroom. “We have to change that paradigm. Learning can be outside the classroom, outside school, the family can also be a place to learn, “he said.

In his meeting with IASA, Mendikbud was accompanied by Director General of Primary and Secondary Education (Director General of Primary Education) Hamid Muhammad. Hamid suggested that IASA also actively involve local governments in building boarding schools. Because after the school is completed, then the school will be under the authority or guidance of local government.




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