Appreciate the presence of Mal Batam Public Service Center Restore Foreign Investor Trust

Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Rini Soemarno and Attorney General HM Prasetyo appreciated the presence of Mal Batam Public Service Center. In addition to facilitate the community, MPP is also considered able to complete all the needs of investors, so that Batam can be an investment attraction.


“With such a service united all the investors problems can be solved easily,” said Rini Soemarno during his visit to MPP Batam, along with Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Asman Abnur and Attorney General HM Prasetyo on Wednesday (11/04).

Rini said, the government in Batam is slightly different from other regions, because the geographical location is very close to Singapore. Although there is little problem between the Free Trade Zone and Free Port (BP) Batam with Batam City Government, the presence of this Public Service Mall can re-unite all types of services.

Rini hopes that the level of investor confidence that had declined was now starting to increase again. “With this, trust from investors to Batam will come back again, because some time had decreased with various problems,” he explained.

Mal Public Service Batam provides 416 types of services, in the form of police services, banking, land, tax, immigration, marriage affairs, licensing services, and various basic services.

This public service breakthrough is already integrated and technology-based that can cut time. All types of payments in the Mall Public Service is also done with a non-cash system. “With non-cash payments, the services here maintain transparency and clearer Banking BUMN also fully supports,” he said.

Appreciation also came from the highest leadership of Adhyaksa Corps, HM. Prasetyo. He said the Public Service Mall is a clear proof of the government’s seriousness to improve public services. “This is a step that should be appreciated, we see the government wants to improve the quality of public services,” he said.

With a transparent and professional service, Prasetyo expects no more imbalances. As one of the law enforcement agencies, the staff will be guarding all activities in MPP. “All can be seen, it can be done well, we will guard and secure this,” said Prasetyo.

In addition to Rini and Prasetyo, appreciation is also given by the people of Batam, as evidenced by the many people who come to Mall Public Service. Siti, a resident of Batam, said the presence of Public Service Mall is very helpful in taking care of licensing. “It’s efficient, very helpful, I had to go to two different agencies to take care of the licensing but now it’s enough here, let alone the friendly service,” he said.

Siti also hopes, with the Mal Public Service is the affairs of the letters can be easier and this service can better serve the citizens in the future. “I hope, there must be an increase in the future to serve the community well,” he added.

Appreciation also came from Ardie, a resident of Batam City. “I really appreciate the existence of this one-stop public service because I can take care of permissions quickly,” he said.

Ardie also hoped that Batam city government should continue to improve public services. According to him, investment in Batam depends on licensing and bureaucracy. “This is good but the Batam City Government should continue to facilitate the permit. I deeply appreciate the existence of this public service mall, “he added.

Meanwhile PANRB Minister Asman Abnur said since 2017 the government continues to encourage the integration of licensing in the region to the center. The Ministry of PANRB targets at least 12 cities to establish Public Service Malls this year.

Former Vice Mayor of Batam is also hoping, ranked ease of trying to Indonesia is also increasing with this MPP. In 2017, the ranking of ease of business in Indonesia was ranked 72. “Mr. President, targeting our EODB ranking rose to 40,” he added.



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