Giant Automotive and Ball Contest Sparks Indonesian Athletic Support at Asian Games and Asian Para Games 2018

Jakarta: The contest of MB Tech Auto Live Battle 2018 modification becomes a series of road show Success atlet Indonesia in 6 cities (Bandung, Bali, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Palembang and Jakarta) as an arena to support Indonesian athletes at Asian Games and Asian Para Games 2018.

This modification contest will be launched on April 14 at the Office of Kemenpora, Jakarta with 3 different classes namely General (pro), Colonel (rookie) and MB Tech Award Classes with 45 categories of assessment simultaneously with the Asian Games pre-event of 3-foot ball splinting , 5 meters and collecting signatures of popular support for the prayers and success of Indonesian athletes.

Deputy of Sports Achievement Achievement Mulyana conveyed the modification event of MB Tech Auto Live Battle 2018 is non APBN but the most important is support and prayer for Indonesian athletes. “This event is purely non-APBN and done by highly creative and innovative people. Its noble purpose is prayer, support and care for Asian Games athletes and Asian Para Games 2018 in order to achieve the achievements for the nation,” he said during a press conference at Media Center Kemenpora on Friday (13/4) afternoon.

In addition to the advanced car modification contest, there is also a giant ball penggelindingan measuring 3.5 meters which will also be rolled in 34 provinces. “Gelinding this big ball as a form of togetherness because if rolling out one person alone will not be able to, because togetherness is important in achieving the achievement, then is the branding or athlete’s profile is likely to win medals, this success is the success of all of us, the people and the nation of Indonesia, “he said.

“The first gigantic ball will be rolled out on April 22, continuing in all the provinces before the opening of the Asian Games, on the skin of the ball will be a signature of the community with a target of 1 million signatures as well as on a 300 meter-long cloth stretch of the signature target of 4 million marks hands and 50 million signatures in social media as directed by Mr. Menpora, “added Plt. Deputy Industry and Promotion of Hasan Password.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Organizing Committee Hartono Sufi as a representative of PP IMI also said that it has the intention to help the government to succeed the Asian Games and Asian Para Games 2018. “We have the intention to help the country promote athletes Asian Games and Asian Para Games through this automotive event the most important thing here is no pure state budget sponsor, especially MB Tech, when launching tomorrow will be attended by 120 chairman of the automotive community will also have stickers sticking in thousands of cars so that people see and give prayers and support, “he saidu



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