Safari Park, Modern Zoological Garden with Various Flora and Fauna Collections 2018

Safari Park, Modern Zoological Garden with Various Flora and Fauna Collections

Bogor Botanical Garden is located in the city of Bogor and spread about 87 hectares with the Presidential Palace Bogor extraordinary in front of him and soaring. Salak in the background and offers over 400 species of palm trees, 5,000 trees collected from around the tropical world, and an orchid house containing 3,000 varieties. The records show that the Bogor Botanical Garden has 3,504 plant species, 1,273 genera in 199 families.
The Gardens is said to have been initiated by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, who, between 1811-1816, became Governor-General of the East Indies during the interim British rule over the islands. With the help of the botanist from London’s famous Kew Gardens, Raffles first set up a small park. However, the Garden was officially established by the Dutch in 1817 under the post of CGC director Reinwardt. A warning to Raffles’ wife still stands in the Gardens. Bogor Botanical Garden today serves as an ex situ conservation site, a research center for taxonomy and plant utilization. In horticulture, the Garden studies adaptation, planting and plant propagation and developing the science of growing plants.

Get Around

The Gardens is open daily for visitors. There are paved walkways for visitors to stroll in their spare time to admire the various wrinkled old trees, walk under their leaf canopy and listen to the river flowing over the boulders. On Sundays and public holidays, Parks are usually very crowded.


From Jakarta, you can rent a car (complete with driver) to go to Bogor. As mentioned above, the trip to Bogor will be about an hour. Understandably, traffic on weekends and long holidays will be more crowded.




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