Indonesia Focuses Lower Stunting Rate

President Joko Widodo explained a number of steps that will be implemented by the government to prevent growth disorders in children (stunting) in the community. One of the steps to be taken is to focus more on supplementary feeding programs in areas with high stunting rates.

“Actually it’s started from three years ago with supplementary feeding.This year we will be more targeted and focused.This year we will focus on the villages we have set up.Not all.we focus only on 100 districts and cities, “said President at the Presidential Palace Bogor, West Java, Friday, April 6, 2018.

Reported by Deputy of Protocol, Press and Media Sector Secretariat of President Bey Machmudin, the program will involve PKK and Posyandu of local area to intensify socialization of healthy lifestyle and increase food intake provided through the central feeding program.

“We will cooperate with PKK and Posyandu to provide additional food such as eggs, fish, green beans, milk, as well as additional biscuits such as yesterday,” said him.

In addition, cash-for-work programs will also be partly directed at addressing child nutrition improvement in areas of focus. It is expected that environmental and health conditions in the focused areas can be improved to prevent early stunting.

“Stunting is not just a food issue, it is also related to environmental health, whether it is sanitation, clean water infrastructure, everything is a work that should be very integrated,” said the President.

To note, Thursday, April 5, 2018, President Joko Widodo and related officials have discussed the handling of stunting in a special limited meeting at the Presidential Office, Jakarta. During the meeting, the President asked for a more concerted action plan and had more concrete impacts ranging from dietary interventions, parenting, and sanitation-related to addressing this stunting issue.



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