Indonesia-Korea Shares Information on ICT Policy

Jakarta, Kominfo – Ministry of Communications and Informatics in cooperation with Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) of Korea held a joint workshop on information technology and communications policy at Menara Merdeka, Jakarta, Thursday (14/12/2017). Representing the Minister of Communication and Informatics, Director General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology (Director General of SDPPI) Ismail said that ICT is very instrumental in the development of a country, both in the economic, political, and social, as well as for Indonesia.

“ICT is now a key engine for economic growth and TiK policy issues are critical to growing the global economy as a whole,” Director General Ismail said at the opening of the workshop.

The Indonesia-Korea Joint Workshop on ICT Policy is believed to be a means of sharing useful information on ICTs between the two countries, while creating opportunities for exchanging experiences and continuing closer collaborations in the future. Director General of SDPPI Ismail believes that this workshop will be a useful means of sharing information between Indonesia and Korea.

“I hope from this workshop we will have more opportunities to share our experience and continue the close collaboration in the future,” said Ismail ended his speech.

The existence of ICT standards also plays an important and critical role for interoperability and enables global communications by ensuring that ICT networks and devices of countries in the world “speak the same language”. ICT standards also help ensure compatibility and accessibility of technology, networks and services.

Under the agenda, Indonesia sees a number of topics related to emerging technologies including 5G. Standardization of the Internet of Thing is very important for Indonesia to be implemented soon. In addition to the Director of Internet Convergence Policy Bureau Network, MSIT, Dr. Son Sukjoon, representing the Korean delegation, Deputy Director of Electronics and Telematics Industry of the Ministry of Industry, Nosadyan Nasyim, also gave a presentation on Policy for Design House of Local 4G Equipment Manufactures.

In addition to the Korean delegation represented by elements of MSIT, this joint workshop was also attended by officials and officials within the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, TTA, 5G Forum and A & D.




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