Indonesian President: Stay Away from Drugs and Violence

President Joko Widodo invited Indonesian teenagers to stay away from drugs and violent behavior. Both of these things can damage the young generation of Indonesia that will emerge as the new leaders of this nation in the future.

This was conveyed by the President in a seminar on drug and stop rejects of violence and pornography among students held on the third day of his working visit in Tanah Papua, Friday, April 13, 2018,

The seminar which was attended by First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo was held at Graha Lux ex Oriente, District of West Sorong, Sorong City.

In front of the students from junior and senior high schools who attended the seminar, the Head of State initially gave an idea that in the next 20 to 30 years will emerge seeds of leaders of the nation from among the current young generation who will be sitting in local government such as regents , mayor, and governor. In fact, it is not impossible for them to become the country’s number one.

“But to get things done, to become successful entrepreneurs can also, children have to study hard, work hard, no one is spoiled, there is no such thing as lazy to achieve high ideals , “said the President, as reported by Deputy of Protocol, Press, and Media of the Presidential Secretariat, Bey Machmudin.

Nevertheless, the Head of State said that learning and being smart is not enough. He stressed that the young generation of Indonesia today is also required to realize the threat of drug abuse and violence.

“It’s useless the children are smart, it’s useless smart kids, if they get drugs, it means nothing, be zero, be careful, avoid drugs and violence, stay away from drugs and violence,” said the President.

Furthermore, to the teachers and parents, the President stressed that Indonesia is known for its people who have good character. Therefore, Indonesian children are expected to be able to maintain the noble values ​​of the Indonesian nation by continuing to teach good manners and hospitality to eventually have a good personality as well as avoid the association that can plunge children to the dangers of drugs.

“Once again, do not let the name touch the drugs.Close it just can not,” continued the President.

To note, before attending the seminar, President Joko Widodo and his First Lady started their activities by visiting Theresia Kindergarten in Sorong City, West Papua Province. There, President and Mrs. Iriana review the learning process of early childhood education (PAUD). The President also had time to play and dialogue with children in the playground.

Prior to Friday prayers, the President and Mrs. Iriana will review the socialization of health, TB disease, and IVA Test Program at Puskemas Remu in Sorong Manoi District, Sorong City.

In the afternoon, after lunch together, the President and Mrs. Iriana along with the entourage will continue their journey to Semarang City, Central Java Province by using the Presidential plane of Indonesia-1 through Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong City. (Kemensetneg Public Relation)b



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