President Jokowi tried electric car ITS

In the inauguration, the President explored the toll road with a red electric car by student of Institute of Technology Ten November (ITS) Surabaya. The car used by the President is an Ezzy II electric car that uses 20 kWh of battery power with mileage capability of 130 kilometers.

“If I feel good, as an initial new product,” said the President commented on the electric car.
Although there are still shortcomings, but the President admits that in general has been very good. The shortcomings have been conveyed by Director of Center for Science and Technology Automotive Systems and Control (PUI SKO) ITS Muhammad Nur Yuniarto to the President.

That deficiency is a natural thing. Especially when looking at the experience of other countries. “It will take 40 to 50 years to get to the standard in order to enter the market,” the President said.

To move on to the next stage of acknowledging the President is not easy. “The most difficult is usually how the product is designed, the price can enter the market, can competition with other car products that have long been in the market,” he said.

But the President will continue to encourage various products of the nation’s children to be able to enter the industrial process and have competitiveness. “We will continue to pursue the process in the industry,” said the President. (BPMI / EN)



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