Muslim Fashion Festival (Mufest) Indonesia Tahun 2018, di Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta,

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) invites the Muslim designers in the homeland to work together to develop Muslim fashion that there are characteristics to the Indonesiaannya.

The invitation was conveyed by the President at the opening of Muslim Fashion Festival (Mufest) Indonesia in 2018, at Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, Thursday (19/4) morning.

“Just like there is Muslim fashion in Saudi style, Muslim fashion in Emirate, Muslim fashion style in Turkey, we also have to develop Moslem fashion style typical of Indonesia,” said President Jokowi.

According to the President, the best fashion is that can create a mix between the traditional, the tradition, and the modern, so that the characteristic of his Indonesiaannya still can be seen and read.

The President also encourages Muslim clothing businessmen in the country to jointly diligently synergize with other sectors, for example in the sports sector. “This is an example I see an innovation from Nike that they call Nike Pro Hijab,” he said.

From the information it receives, according to President Jokowi, a fairly sophisticated product, whose design is optimized for good sports performance is a product that does not preclude body movement while playing.

“So how athletes can have the optimal clothing to excel in sports, but also reflects the elements of Muslim fashion,” said President Jokowi.

Follow Developments

On that occasion, President Jokowi advised that those involved in the Muslim fashion business pay attention to the latest developments of technology aspects. He points to examples of the tremendous developments of the e-commerce sector, as well as the technological developments of the remarkable aspects of fabrics and textiles.

In terms of e-commerce, the President asked to be considered, because there are many events, not only happen in Indonesia, but also in other countries, many shops and malls are rather quiet, because of the impact of shifting consumption patterns, from offline shifts towards on line.

Therefore, continued the President, the perpetrators in the retail sector are many who complain, but in fact the business is down because it is less able to keep up with the times.

President claimed to get information there is one start-up Indonesia is very successful that is, which is very cool product, the web is also very cool.

“I have not bought it here but he said the service is also very good, and now has a lot of exports to foreign countries,” said President Jokowi as he added, that is an example of a very good approach, very progressive by utilizing e-commerce to run muslim fashion really true to the 21st century.


Appeared to accompany President Jokowi on the occasion include Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung, Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto, and Special Staff Coordinator of President Teten Masduki.



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