President and Mrs. Iriana boarded the President-Indonesia plane from Jayapura to Mimika Regency.

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When doing work in the area, changing the mode of transportation is actually becoming commonplace for President Joko Widodo and First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo. When making a working visit to the Papua Province.

President and Mrs. Iriana boarded the President-Indonesia plane from Jayapura to Mimika Regency. Then the President changed Super Puma helicopter to Asmat regency on Thursday, March 12, 2018.

A day or arrive at the destination, the designer wheel aims for the president and entourage. But the previous afternoon, there is an interesting where the motor circuit. President and Mrs. Iriana during the visit of Asmat District.

The President also took a ride with Mrs. Iriana with a red electric motor to the Wiyata Mandala Hall, the Education Office of Asmat Regency which covered 2.8 kilometers.

Along the way, many people are welcoming the number one people in Indonesia. President and Mrs. Iriana who also use long pants and long colors and use a white helmet, occasionally waved greeting resigned citizens.

Arriving in the hall, President and Mrs. Iriana witnessed immediate food for the children and mothers. In addition, they also dialogue with mothers. Print the President several times carrying children.

From the hall, President and Mrs. Iriana went on with a red electric motor around the project in Kampung Kayeh. Here is building infrastructure projects for Asmat District, in need of suspension bridge.

When creating this project, the President must drive an electric motor capable of generating width and not more than 3 meters. While conducting infrastructure projects, the President and Mrs. Iriana opposed the dances by the residents.

After the contrast Kampung Kayeh, President and Mrs. Iriana together with the entourage crossed the river to the construction site 114 units of special houses that have been built since 2016 at a cost of Rp.19.9 billion in Amanamkai Village, Atjs District and Kampung Syuru, Agats District as many as 114 units using speed boat.

This year, 100 units of houses were built in 4 villages, namely Kampung Priend Districts of Fayid (34 units), Kampung Ass and Kampung Atat Tiga Pulau District (33 units), and Kampung Warkai Betsbamu District (33 units).

Based on the release of the Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media Sector Secretariat of the President, Bey Machmudin, one of the causes of the population reluctant to move to the location of houses that have been built is no bridge between villages separated river. By fair will be built 4 suspension bridge with budget Rp. 46 billion with locations in Kampung Syuru Baru District Agats (72 meters), Kampung Yerfum District Der Koumor (72 meters), Hainam Village Kasuari Beach District (120 meters), Kampung Sawaerma (96 meters).

The rotted wooden stage road will also be repaired with precast concrete around 12 km with an average width of 4 meters.

“For the suspension bridge infrastructure to break into the tower will circle the city along approximately 12 kilometers. Everything is supported by concrete, more durable and we want the layout in Asmat District can be more organized city, “said Head of State.

On returning to Kampung Kayeh, the President meets Jokowi, a 3-year-old child. The President was carrying Jokowi. “Jokowi was born when I was sworn in as President,” said the President. “October 20, 2014 means yes sir,” said the reporter.

When President and Mrs. Iriana will return to the helipad to travel on an electric motor, it rains heavily. President still keep the electric motor As far as 3.5 kilometers.

At 15.03 WIT, by riding a Super Puma Presidential Helicopter off the Asmat District to Timika, Mimika Regency to change the Presidential plane of Indonesia-1 to Sorong, West Papua.



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