President Joko Widodo welcomed the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) initiative.

President Joko Widodo welcomed the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) initiative.

President Joko Widodo welcomed the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) initiative. According to him, ASCN can be the answer to a very complicated problem. This was conveyed by the President during a speech at the 32nd ASEAN Summit Plenary Session (Summit) at The Palace of Singapore, Friday, April 27, 2018.

“I consider ASEAN Asean Cities Network (ASCN) good and problem ASCN is one of the answers to that, to build innovative and inclusive cities with technology and innovation,” said the President.

The President said Indonesia is developing a Movement towards 100 Smart Cities that encourage the use of technology to advance the city to realize more effective, transparent and reliable governance. However, continued the President, smart cities not only use the use of technology or physical development alone.

“What’s more important is how we can build a better mindset, attitude and community character,” he continued.

For that, President Jokowi said the development of ASCN needs to consider the needs and potential of each city and consider local wisdom. In addition, it should also be activated on improving public services and paying attention to empowering communities to innovate as key development actors.

In addition, the President said that the potential of ASEAN in the field of e-commerce is very large. According to him, by 2025 ASEAN internet users will increase 3-fold to 600 million, as separated from the release of Deputy of Protocol, Press, and Media Secretariat of the President, Bey Machmudin.

“The projected e-commerce expenditure reaches nearly USD 90 billion and the total Internet-based economy will reach USD 200 billion,” said the Head of State.

Therefore, in the realm of digital technology is the ultimate responsibility for cyber attacks.

“We know there is personal data content from Facebook users, and in Asean we need to make sure we work together in other fields.”

President Jokowi also expressed that Indonesia will host the annual IMF-World Bank meeting, in Nusa Dua Bali, in October 2018 and Indonesia will hold an ASEAN Leaders meeting (ALG) on October 11, 2018.

This ALG meeting, the President continued, will demonstrate solid cooperation and ASEAN leadership in managing economic growth to create better welfare, equity and achievement of Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs).

In closing his speech, President Jokowi invited the heads of ASEAN countries to attend Bali in October. “I invite and really expect Your Majesty’s presence in the meeting to meet in Bali” he said.

Also stood by the President in the Plenary Meeting, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto and Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi.

Before the meeting, President Jokowi along with other ASEAN Heads of State / Government for a dinner which was held by Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong in the State Room, The Palace of Singapore. (Kemensetneg Public Relation)



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