Realize Justice, President Prioritizes Electricity for Papua

President Joko Widodo continues to demonstrate his commitment to realize the 35 thousand megawatt electricity program throughout the country. On Wednesday (20/12/2017), Head of State inaugurated Nabire 20 MW Gas Engine Power Plant (PLTMG) and PLTMG Jayapura 50 MW and Launching 74 new villages in Papua and West Papua District in Kali Bobo District, Nabire District, Nabire Regency , Papua Province.

With the operation of these two PLTMG is expected to answer the electricity needs for people who are in both areas. It is also expected to encourage the entry of investors.

While staying overnight in Sorong City yesterday (19/12), President felt direct electricity biarpet which has been experienced by society, especially people of Papua.

“Last night I was staying in Sorong City, where I went to the lights three times, tonight, I want to give it to Nabire, I want to check the lights off tonight,” said the President.

The President also said that up to now there are still 3,000 villages that have not been powered by electricity. “But most of the 2,000 villages are in the land of Papua,” he said.

Looking at the facts, based on the release of the Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media of the Presidential Secretariat, Bey Machmudin, the President immediately ordered his staff to solve the biarpet electricity problem and build electricity for villages in Papua. Although not easy, but the President believes electricity will illuminate the entire land of Papua in 2019.

“We see, mountainous, nyebur.After nyebur is cut into the hill, the terrain is very heavy, and any terrain must be conquered and the villages must be bright,” he said.

Therefore it is no wonder to build electricity in a village in Papua requires a larger budget than elsewhere. As an illustration, as stated by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, to build electricity in villages in Papua costs Rp2 billion per village, elsewhere requires a budget of Rp 1 billion for one village.

“This is not expensive and cheap, it is social justice for all Indonesian people,” said the President.

The President also advised his staff to always prioritize and improve the quality of services provided to the community.

“This must be careful, the service to the people should be given the best,” said the President.

Primarily, the service in the electricity sector became one of the basic needs of the people to undergo daily activities and develop the economy of Papua land.

“Electricity is key to investing in Papua,” the president said.

Also present at the event were Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignatius Jonan, Minister of SOE Rini Soemarno, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, Chief of Staff of Teten Masduki and Papua Governor Lukas Enembe. (Kemensetneg Public Relation)



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