See Tips on Avoiding Negative Content from gadgets for kid


The digital age of the internet today is one of the concerns of parents. Imagine, just with a device in hand, a child can freely access various information in the internet world. If the information is positive and can support the child’s growth, it does not matter. But what if the information accessed by children is negative, such as pornography, violence, drugs, or the like.

Prohibiting a child from using a device does not seem possible, let alone keep it away. However, children need a device for school activities, adding knowledge and insight and getting along.

See Tips on Avoiding Negative Content from gadgets for kids:
First, do not give a device but say “” I lend this smartphone to you with a barrage of deals. If there are negative things, this smartphone I take “. So if a child opens a variety of negative content, the parent is entitled to take the device from the child.

Second, do not hesitate to set a rule, that at 18:00 to 21:00 is a time without a device. Use time as a time for families to gather, chat, play and learn.

Third, apply the rules, that the use of the device should be outside the room and as much as possible in the presence of parents. Disallow use of devices in the bedroom.

Fourth, when using a laptop, try to keep the screen visible to everyone at home.

Fifth, if at home there is wifi, apply the rules, that wifi is only turned on when there is an adult who oversees. There must be consistency of the deal.

Sixth, when purchasing a device, ask the store assistant to install a parental control that includes blocked sites and a usage timer.

Seventh, often check the history or history of the search in the device. Assert to the child that the parent has the right to determine it because it belongs to a parent and the child borrows it.

Eighth, always open the communication tap and not accuse the child. When the child asks for something, dig what information he wants. Not necessarily what he wants bad. Parents should be firm but courteous. If so, it would be fun for the child.

Ninth, apply the maximum usage rule only 4 hours 17 minutes. Not necessarily at the same time, but can be repaid at certain times. For example half an hour in the morning, an hour in the afternoon



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