Skor Indonesia vs Islandia 6-0

The result of friendship match Indonesia Selection vs Iceland at Maguwoharjo Sleman Stadium on Thursday (11/1/2017) ended with a landslide score 0-6.

Indonesia Selection continued to be pressed Iceland since the beginning of the first half. Dangerous threats threaten Rivky Mokodompit’s goal. Iceland even received a penalty in the 13th minute due to Tony Sucipto violations against Albert Gudmundsson in the forbidden area.

However Andrre Bjarnasson who executed a penalty failed to carry out his duties. The ball was successfully pushed over by Rifky.

Iceland finally scored in the 30th minute through Andre Bjarnasson who received the reflected ball from Rivky. This goal started when Iceland fast attack bait from the right side try driven Indonesian players and almost produce an own goal. Rivky managed to ward off but the ball actually bounced towards Andre. Andre with a salto kick finally goalkeeper Indonesia.

Andre almost made his second goal in the 36th minute, but a hard kick along the right goalpost Indonesia.

On the contrary Indonesia Selection throughout the 40 minutes of action running still difficult to penetrate the Iceland defense. Attempts to attack Bambang Pamungkas and his friends always ran aground in midfield. Iceland that continues to lock up, making the game Indonesia is not growing. Until the end of the first half, Indonesia Selection left behind one goal.

Two minutes of the second half of action, Indonesia left behind two goals through Kristjan Finnbogason. Stomach feed from the left side immediately struck Kristjan who stood without control. The ball slides unexpectedly Rivky.

Entering the 54th minute the referee stopped the game because of heavy rain accompanied by lightning. Temporarily score 0-2.

After stalled for 15 minutes, the referee resumed the match. In the Indonesian camp, coach Robert Rene included Cristian Gonzales to replace Bambang Pamungkas. Rene’s strategy changes have not come to fruition.

Indonesia actually left behind three goals in the 66th minute. Ottar Magnus Karlsson, who entered in the second half, scored. Goals started from mistakes Tony Sucipto who failed to drive Iceland bait. Ottar who received the ball with a single control, immediately fired a shot. The ball slid into the goal can not be dammed Rivky.

Two minutes later, Iceland added one more goal through the legs of Trygvi Haraldsson who received a pull bait and escaped the offside trap.

Rivky goalkeeper back breaking in the 81st minute due to his hasty mistake to pick up the ball to make Icelanders Hjortur Hermannsson easy to score goals. Icelandic party of goals.

The goal party continues. Iceland’s seventh goal was created in the 82nd minute. Again Rivky rush to pick up the ball when Iceland’s free kick. Icelandic Holmar Orn Eyjolfsson who won a duel of air tricked Rivky.

Until the long whistle, the score remains 0-6. Indonesia cleared away Iceland.

For the next game schedule Indonesian national team vs. Iceland will be held at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium Jakarta on Sunday, January 14, 2018.



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