The 2018 Asian Games fever should be disseminated

Organizing the Asian Games which will be held on August 18 – September 2, 2018, a good opportunity to increase the number of visits of foreign tourists. In order to give encouragement to the athletes who will compete and become the promotion of Asian Games 2018, Jakarta residents were presented 18th Parade Asian Games 2018 on Sunday morning (13/5).

The parade event was enlivened by various parties, both government, state-owned enterprises, private sector and community that also provide support to the implementation of Asian Games 2018.

18th Parade Asian Games 2018 held around Monas, precisely Bundara Monas area through Sarinah Building, Thamrin, then ended at the office of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics.

This event is held by utilizing 100 days ahead of the Asian Games, exactly 98 days to the biggest Games in Asia. There are 43 groups with total participants reaching 5,000 people. Ministry of Tourism provides support by bringing Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) in the parade.

The parade begins with a group consisting of the Red and White Flag, the Asian Games 2018 mascot, to the participating countries flags. The three Asian Games mascots in attendance are Kaka (Rhino Bercula One), Atung (Bawean Deer), and Bhin Bhin (Cendrawasih Bird).

After that, successive performances from government, state-owned, private and community come to enliven the event by displaying the uniqueness of each and colorful cultural value.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla said the parade was an effort to bring the crowd. In addition to showing achievement, this event became a place of international friendship, especially the creativity of each country participating in the 2018 Asian Games are interesting to display.

“This 2018 Asian Games fever should be disseminated. Asian Games 2018 became the biggest event in the history of Indonesia. Venue is no problem, related security is ready. Athletes have also practiced, “explained Kalla again.

Asian Games 2018 becomes the second event held by Indonesia. The previous event was the 1962 Asian Games. At that time, Indonesia for the first time became runner up. Asian Games 1962 followed by 24 countries and 3,000 participants. However, the era has changed. Asian Games 2018 followed 45 countries and involved 18,000 people.

“The 2018 Asian Games is growing sixfold from 1962. With this parade effort, all walks of life will be aware of the 2018 Asian Games, especially citizens of Jakarta and Palembang. All have the fever of the Asian Games, “said Kalla again.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, assessed the response of the community is very positive. For him, this community support also means a positive response of society to tourism in Indonesia.

“The enthusiasm of this society is amazing. They pay more attention to the 2018 Asian Games through this parade. And, this parade does display nice and unique content. Full of ornaments are also colorful. The message of branding related to the Asian Games is well conveyed, “explained Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.

On the occasion, Kemenpar (Ministry of Tourism) featuring JFC with the theme Archipelago Indonesia and Asialight. The performances of the team under the care of Dinan Fariz is a sweet cover at 18th Parade Asian Games 2018.

Archipelago is strengthened with Garuda, Sriwijaya, Lampung, and Bali content. Asialight consists of Kujang, Bian Lian China, and Ottoman-Turkish. There are also South Korea, Shogun Japan, Saudi Arabia, Babylonia-Iran, India, to Thailand.

“The JFC is a great achievement. They are currently the third best in the world. They have earned many awards. The appearance of JFC is the culmination of the achievements and cultural richness owned by Indonesia. Because, this JFC summarizes everything, “said Minister again.

In addition, the organization of the international sports event Asian Games also has a direct and indirect impact that contribute to tourism. The direct impact is the increase of foreign tourists visit, the development of infrastructure, and economic improvement. Meanwhile, the indirect impact of high media value, the name of Indonesia will be the spotlight of about 200 countries that aired the 2018 Asian Games.

“Media Value Asian Games is so high. Therefore, Indonesia’s tourism will be more hits due to the holding of this grand sport event “said Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arief Yahya again.

Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta, Sandiaga Uno, who also attended the parade event stated that the 2018 Asian Games would be
pride for Indonesia and Jakarta. To that end, Jakarta is ready to become one of the location of its operation. “The 2018 Asian Games for DKI is the job field. And this becomes the demands of citizens of Jakarta, “added Sandi. (Public Relations Kemenpar / ES)



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